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Meowsic shirt given as a gift via Kate & Khron

Formally known as HerEverlong, Michelle hails from NYC. She is most notable for being the only Korean on the forum. Many varied things are known about this magical pixie. Michelle is well known for actually being Carmen Sandiego and being batshit insane. She takes pictures of beautiful landscapes and makes many members jely of her escapades. Nowadays she has settled down somewhat to finish her BFA and is prominent in the expertise for finding weird and cute photos/videos (many of which manifest in the Ned Rush Thread and ATPR IRC). As one of the talented artists on ATPR, she has helped curate the now lost ATPR Art Book. She is currently one of the most prolific posters and a regarded promoter of Korean Cinema Thread.

Michelle has been involved in many of ATPR Memes such as 8<3, ATPR Labyrinth, ATPR Genitals, baconfeet, Wet Bread, Unusual Turkey, Darling and more.


Holy Drunk Meat

michowl drank with many ATPR members which have resulted in epic adventures and black outs.
Past contenders have been:

Dad Meat

michowl loves dads. Here is a list of the ATPR dads she has met:


List of ATPR members she has met throughout the years.

Jerky Meat

Fucking love jerky...
One day, Michelle was walking around the happy fantasy land called Porklyn when she came upon a strange dry peppery meaty smell. The smell led her into a dark little shop with confusing aisles and alleyways. As she wound her way through the labyrinth she came upon a door simply marked "Jerky." She entered and the smell wafted into her face in a delightful greasiness as her eyes fell upon bins of beef jerky stacked high - wall to wall, floor to ceiling. A man came up behind her and whispered, "go ahead," into her ear. She slowly took one bite from a strip of stringy jerky and her eyes lit up with delight. "Take as much as you want," the man said, and she started stuffing her pockets and shoving fist fulls of jerky into her mouth at the same time. She ran home and didn't come out of her apartment for 200 days. After her jerky addiction got a hold of her, she decided her life needed to change so she checked herself into jerky rehab. She learned to control her insatiable jerky hunger and now enjoys jerky on a regular basis, but with a strong sense of willpower and self-control. Any time you need a gift for michowl, or you've had an argument and need to make it up to her, look no further than a bag of jerky.

Pictured right is michowl enjoying some nice tasty jerky last tuesday.

Memorable Quote Meat

"okay so what happens when you four loko at 3am
you sprint to the toilet and pee so hard you crack the toilet bowl."

Trivia Meat

michowl is also known as Mich, Micher, Michor, Michelob, Michelob Ultra, Mickey Blue Eyes, Michael Caine, Mister Craine, Michehehehe, and Habibati as per adeel.

She has felt up kate on many occasions.

She is married to Jay Pavlina.

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